Letter of Attestation

30th August 2022 9:30 AMFor occasional drivers this can reduce the time it takes to record non-working time.The change is welcome given the inability of some tachos to accept more than 14 days manual entries and other issues with DVSA’s previous approach, however it is limited to fixed weeks (0000 hrs Monday to 2400 hrs Sunday) only. If any in-scope driving is done in any week then a full daily record is required for all activity in that week.A drivers “other activities” can be recorded using:Manual inputs on a digital/smart tachograph; orMaking a manual record on an analogue tachograph disc or printout paper.Attestation (evidence) form, using the template at:
Form of attestation of activities (europa.euFurther details of the changes and how to use them can be foundHERE
RHA Managing Director Richard Smith stated aid “This is a welcome step to deal with a bureaucratic mismanagement of monitoring driver rest and breaks.

“We can, and should, do more to make compliance with the rest and recording of time rule for commercial drivers easier. There is a continued push on the UK government for change to the legislation to remove some of the administrative burden, especially for occasional drivers.”