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Course Description

This course covers a variety of topics in a professional drivers life including your driving licence, category & restriction coding, congestion zone, LEZ, ULEZ, Safer Lorry Scheme and FORS. It also covers some of the common distractions, such as mobile phones, sat nav’s, driving systems, speeding and how stress effects the human body.

Course Aims:

  • Know your driving Licence
  • Know Your Speed Limits
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Specifics to driving in London (charges, FORS, enforcement, safer lorry scheme)
  • Identifying vulnerable road users
  • Road safety initiatives
  • Consequences of a fatality

Remote Online: - UK WIDE

You can now access Driver CPC training, using our Remote training Programs. We offer you the opportunity to train whilst self isolating, with some of the best interactive courses available today.

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What to bring?

You must bring either your full valid driving licence or valid driver qualification card (DQC).

Without one of these you will not be able to attend the course.

Need more information? Call: 0333 577 1236
Please Note: Remote Delivery only, you must have access to a Laptop, PC, iPad or Mac, with a Webcam

A joining email will be sent on each morning

CPC DIRECT is a JAUPT Accredited Driver CPC Training Centre (AC 001954)

Professional Drivers, Distractions & Vulnerable Road Users
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