Do you need driver CPC training?

Are you are employed as a driver and deliver goods or materials to sites for reward?

Then you would require Driver CPC training!

If, driving is not your main job and you drive within 100km from base as the crow flies and that you carry your equipment to complete your job IE; Scaffolders Street works etc, the link below will take you directly to the  web site where you can view all exemptions.

When did you pass your test and can you just attend a Driver CPC course?

To attend a DriverCPC training course, you must have gained your full category C1, C or CE before10th September 2009 or D1, D category before 10th September 2008 or if you are renewing a current Driver Qualification Card.

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What's next?

Book into a Driver CPC course.
You can either book the full course 35 hours training (5 days) or book separate modules at dates that suit you.

To book with us click here

What's next?

Book into a Driver CPC course.
You can either book the full course 35 hours training (5 days) or book separate modules at dates that suit you.

To book with us click here

New Drivers...

Book your test at your local DVSA Testing Centre
Module 1a Theory - 85 out of 100
Module 1b Hazard Perception 67 out of 100 - 18 clips with one developing hazard and one clip with 2 hazards
Module 3 Your Driving Test

Module 2

Case Study
Book directly with your local DVLA test centre (Cost £23) access is available from our web site.
Multiple choice - 50 questions based on a scenario Pass rate 40/50 minimum.Obtain the case study book from WHS, Amazon or eBay and start studying, its fairly easy if you think like a professional. You can get Apps, on the internet just be careful about the security of the sites.

Module 4

What to expect for Module 4
Practical test of 30 minutes, focussing on vehicle safety and security, whichcovers categories C and D and all sub categories including trailers.

Using a static vehicle, you will be asked questions based on your training and knowledge. The same question topic areas are covered for categories C and D although questions and paperwork differ slightly. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the following subject areas: ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use security of the vehicle and contents ability to prevent criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants ability to assess emergency situations ability to prevent physical risk

Choosing your training provider for Module 4
Find a local training centre that offer this service, cost can vary dramatically from centre to centre. So, shop around to find the best price. When making the enquiry ask if they have their own in-house examiners? or do they use a local testing centre? If they have their own in-house examiners, the test will be done after the training, normally 30 minutes.  

Once you have completed the two modules, you will be sent a DQC (Drivers Qualification Card) to the address on your licence. This is valid for 5 years, in this period they will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training.

We would suggest, that you complete a module on Driver Fatigue & Drivers Hours, this will give you all the information on tachograph's, Digital tacho cards and the regulations.

How To Become An HGV Driver Introduction Course
 Complete Driver CPC course, Mon - Fri (35 Hours/5 Days)
Remote Delivery: Safe Loading & Vehicle Security and Safe Systems Driver CPC Training
Driver Hours WTD & Digi Tacho Driver CPC Course
The Importance of Defect Reporting and SAFED Theory Driver CPC
Emergency First Aid & Health & Safety CPC Training
Professional Drivers, Distractions & Vulnerable Road Users - CPC Training
Customer & Conflict Management Driver CPC Course